Our coaches


Coach Melissa started her CrossFit journey here at the Beehive in 2015. She has an extensive gymnastics background both as a competitive gymnast and also as a recreational & competitive coach. Melissa is the Head Certified Athletic Trainer at Hesperia High School and is also a CPR, AED & First Aid Instructor. She currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic Training and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. She has her CFL1 certificate through CrossFit. Melissa knows first hand how strength can benefit the body and actually prevent injuries. When she was 17, she over-rotated on a tumbling pass, landed wrong and broke her neck. The doctor told her that her well-developed trapezius muscles literally saved her life, preventing damage to the spinal cord. She’s had 3 neck surgeries and was told that her physical activities would be greatly limited because of this setback. But if you ask her, she’ll tell you the comeback is always stronger than the setback.


Coach Bobby began his CrossFit journey here at the BEEHIVE in 2016. He decided to get his CFL1 certificate through CrossFit in an effort to help others reach their athletic potential. Coach Bobby has a work ethic and Endurance second to none. He follows the program and leads by example.


Coach Ricardo began training at the BEEHIVE in 2015. He earned his CFL1 certificate through CrossFit to pass on his love and passion for Olympic Lifting.


Coach Johnathan began training at the BEEHIVE in 2016. Since that time, he has competed in various CrossFit and Powerlifting competitions. He earned his CFL1 certificate through CrossFit and has specialized in Nutrition. Want to get your diet on track? Coach Johnathan is here to help.

Kimberly and Eddy

Coach Kimberly and Coach Eddy opened their gym together in 2010. Eddy with a background in wrestling and Kimberly a background in yoga and Pilates decided to pursue their dream together in health and fitness. Each obtaining personal training certificates as well as specialized certifications in TRX suspension training, and Russian Kettlebell. Training in the hot sun setting up mobile training to finally opening their own brick and mortar training facility. But their education and Journey didn’t end there. As they built their functional training gym from the ground up, they evolved into other avenues of more competitive fitness. Both CFL1 and CFL2 Certified trainers through CrossFit as well as USAW level 1 and 2 strength and conditioning coaches they strive for excellence and to bring out the best in each of their athletes. Keeping their focus on good form and technique they pride themselves in teaching sound fundamentals and safety first. Over the years they have worked with people of all fitness levels with many different goals. Today their focus remains the same, to create a fun and healthy environment for people to come and be the healthiest strongest versions of themselves they can be through functional fitness.